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Listings for April 5th, 2015

APPEARING ON Sunday, April 5th, 2015

Open Mic Session with Ringmaster Rusty Mahone

Free Entry


Come all ye, you fools and freaks

And assemble by the fireside

Bring drums and whistles and guitars

Let’s scratch the itch we have inside.

Bring yourselves in strange attire,

Sing together in a heavenly choir.

Let us celebrate and quaff and eat.

We’ve seen off winter and tonight’s our treat.

Here in comes the bearded lady

The dancing bear and old slim shady

Following on the tarot man

and a girl with frogs kept in a can.

Here’s the man with burning balls

And the girls who walk through walls.

Short arsed, giant or just  plain weird

Rules fall down because we’re here .

If you’re boring stay at home

You deserve to die alone

Tonight is all about the spark

That makes us special, leaves our mark

Imperfections praised tonight

Dress up, show off and then unite.

Together we will start the spring.

We will make the rafters ring.

(Old Cheshire poem)

(c) Russell Mabbutt 2015

It’s eggs and chickens and bunnies and fluff and chocolate.

It’s rebirth too and tonight, for one night only our spectacular open mic night is reborn as a celebration of the alternative,  and all things freaky and all things circus.

Let your ringmaster Rusty Mahone guide you on an unpredictable journey through grease paint, dexterity and airborne balls.

The birth of the photograph was a bad time for the old circus. Things became paralysed in time and became available out of context. What we now think of as ‘the freak show’ is in fact an old tradition of celebrating diversity. As spring got underway, and new and reborn life was literally coming out of the woodwork, there was a huge party. Those with unusual skills showed them off. Some were athletic and practical, some amazing and some just simply erotic. Alongside this display, those with challenges in life, and those with unusual body traits would dress up in their finest clothes and be treated as heros.  It was inclusive,  and not the voyeuristic spectacle it became on the seaside pier.

Tonight we aim to recreate the middle ground. We welcome mermaids, strong folk, and wrestlers. The tallest, smallest fattest and thinest.  Smoke, magic and mirrors are all allowed, but it’s difference and the unique challenges and opportunities those differences present that we showcase tonight. Come on down as a freak or a clown. Be a tiger or a lion, or just dress to impress, but don’t be normal. Normal is average, and average is dull.

Ringmaster,  Ringmistrisses and ring pieces all welcome ( a ring piece is an act designed to be seen from any angle) For those wanting to extend their portfolio, a professional photographer will be recording the night, so get on that latest cossie, and we can showcase you to the world. Whilst we are partying, we have the added bonus that,  because of our jamboree, we will enjoy a bountiful springtime.

As well as the usual open mic acts we will have charters strange, sinister and joyful mingling with the crowds, and maybe some acts you didn’t think we’re possible. We will set the big window ablaze with the light of three suns, and spring will rise again.

Easter Bunny