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Listings for May 1st, 2015

APPEARING ON Friday, May 1st, 2015

Christina Martin (Canada)

Free Before 9pm, £4 Thereafter

advanced tickets available from seetickets.com*


Christina Martin 2


Voted #4 Best Female Artist of 2013 by Americana-UK.com Visitors Poll
Sleeping With A Stranger #6 on the Americana-UK.com Album Chart Dec 2013
Song ‘Falling For You’ in the Top 100 CBC Radio2 songs of 2013

Christina is a Canadian Singer-Songwriter, musician and performer. Her music achieves an effortless union between alt-country and rock with pop-sensibility.

Experimentation is the lifeblood of any artist. But occasionally they experience moments when everything comes into focus, and suddenly they have opened a door to a limitless creative future.

Christina Martin has reached that point on her fifth album, It’ll Be Alright, a 10-song collection that finds the Halifax-based singer-songwriter attaining what her music has always suggested, a place where the ghosts of her musical heroes freely mingle with pop-rock’s modern architects.

The album’s brilliance is its seamless blend of the past and present. The bridge between them is Martin’s voice, an instrument both haunting and immediate, traits that could also best describe It’ll Be Alright’s lyrical content. To say the album is Martin’s most accomplished effort to date is stating the obvious; what is remarkable is how her maturity has translated into her most accessible album to date as well.




*Entry is free before 9pm & £4 after. These tickets are designed to guarantee entry after 9 should the venue be at capacity. No refund will be given to early arrivals. For more information please visit our website www.telfordswarehouse.com or call us on 01244 390 090

Please note the event begins at 21:00 with support from local DJ’s. Live music begins at 22:00.