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Listings for September 27th, 2015

APPEARING ON Sunday, September 27th, 2015

Open Mic Session with Rusty Mahone [+]

Free Entry

Rusty Mahone

Tonight folks, our theme will be-


If an outsider were to criticise ‘open mic’ they would comment on the ‘self indulgent mediocrity’ and ‘bedroom pathos’, and yes, the open mic can be a mournful evening.

My attempt to kick it into the happysphere for this week is to embrace all that is bad and sad, and aim for an evening of epically sad songs. The thinking is, that usually when I set a theme, people ignore it and sing about unreciprocated love, and the perils of acne anyway. So if I encourage this, I’m hoping that people will up the tempo out of defiance.

I know it won’t work, and I know that few people read this, so smirking rights to those that do. However. I do intend to reclaim ‘sadness’ as an entertainment, by hamming it up further than any politician dare go.

https://youtu.be/XnVxFYJUdr0 If you don’t believe me, have a listen to this- there is gold out there! Five pints down (opening set, obviously) letting the sadness flow from the stage like a non-too-subtle whiff of NO2, not a dry eye in the house–

So come along, and lets play games and subvert normality, let’s laugh at tragedy and guffaw at pathos, because, when presented correctly, they’re fucking hilarious.