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Listings for December 31st, 2015

APPEARING ON Thursday, December 31st, 2015



Hold on to your butts! Telford’s Warehouse 2015 New Year’s Eve party is going to be ‘Dino’mite!

Jurassic Warehouse logo

The mad scientists (management) at Telford’s Warehouse have been hard at it in the lab, dissecting the DNA of staff and customers alike, to bring to you a pub that time forgot…. Ladies and gentlemen we are proud to unveil… JURASSIC WAREHOUSE!!

For one night only let us take you 145 million years back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the pub. From the kind hearted Drinkosaurus, to the meat eating predator Steakosaurus, Telford’s will be a jungle of Allkindsosaurus.

With some feature exhibits including our resident DJ Waltosaurous, on display from 8pm till 3am and our Procompsognathus (bar staff) serving you the best selection of prehistoric drinks from 7pm; with a free cocktail for the early pterodactyls.

Then for the main attraction we have a T-REX… ‘You have a T-Rex’… that’s right we have a T-Rex tribute band… The-Rex will be adding a bit of glam and glitter to your scales with two displays from 10pm and 12:30am. The electric (warrior) fence will be on full voltage so be sure not to miss the greatest band to walk the earth.

Plus this year the raptors in the kitchen will be catering for the carnivores with a special 20oz Dinosaur steak alongside other favourites on our daily menu, with food being served from 7pm till 10:30pm. Booking for the restaurant is highly recommended.

Tickets for JURASSIC WAREHOUSE are just £15 and on sale now via seetickets.com / 01244 390 090 / Telford’s Bar. Don’t delay and get them now or you’ll be one disappointosaurus.

P.S. Just think how difficult it was for a T-Rex to drink a pint with those little arms. No wonder they were so angry all the time!