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Listings for January 2nd, 2016

APPEARING ON Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

Everything Is Now! [+]

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Everything is Now 8th December 2015 by Everything Is Now on Mixcloud

Tony (Anthony Green) Bear is a DJ, multi instrumentalist and composer based inChester, North West England. As drummer and founding member of ‘ahead of their time’(!) psychedelic space funk pioneers ‘The Fourth Egg’, Tonys’ tentative steps into the world of music began in his early teens.

” If you look back over the last fifty or sixty years of popular music, there’s literally millions of songs and records out there that still sound just as good today as when they were released. My mate Ed said ‘If it can be played now then it’s a now record.’ I tend to agree, but that’s only half the story. These days, when I DJ I want to blend all those hip tracks from back in the day with contemporary stuff because whether you like it or not, good music is being released all the time. I love big fat electronic beats, trippy bleeps and massive bass etc. It’s all about striking the right balance on the dancefloor… and having fun.”