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Listings for January 15th, 2016

APPEARING ON Friday, January 15th, 2016

1968 [+]

Free before 10pm, £4 thereafter


1968 formed in 2013 and after burning out the first batteries that were loaded into their fuzz pedals it was apparent that there was something heavy enough to crack the sky. Following the first primitive jams, the valves warmed up and the drumsticks splintered into a beautiful yet thunderous avalanche of sound. Featuring the vocals of 27 year old, J.R. Lazarus, formerly of Jokers Hour and the bottom of many liquor bottles, coupled with the six string assault of Sam Orr’s Marshall powered guitar. The band’s engine is left in the capable hands of Tom Drury who provides a beat that would make even the angriest of cavemen shudder back into their cave, this is supported by The Bear, some say he could eat three times the average human, the band say he could eat three humans whilst slamming the fuzziest yet grooviest basslines this side of Harlem. They are promising to shake all of your bones at Telford’s on June 19th so bring your drinking boots and set sail for 1968.