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Listings for January 16th, 2016

APPEARING ON Saturday, January 16th, 2016

Little Triggers [+]


Free Before 10pm… £4 thereafter

little triggers

Garage/Punk/New Wave/Indie/R&B

“Little Triggers (formally The 45’s) are a band unashamedly attempting to recapture the old Rock n’ Roll spirit- a spirit which has become far too sterile and formalised today.  The band’s debut release under their new title suggests that this a band which refuses to let rock die a silent and self-inflicted death. Already popular around Europe, the five-piece has garnered a huge fan base both home and abroad due to their notoriety as a formidable live force. Their latest demo track ‘Giving me up,’ has been released with this expectation of it matching their live shows weighing heavily on their shoulders.”

The culture journal.