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Listings for January 29th, 2016

APPEARING ON Friday, January 29th, 2016

Dragons Are Real present 1920’s Speakeasy [+]

Free Admission

‘Dragons ARE Real’ are coming to Telfords!

Roary’s Gin palace and Speakeasy night with Emma Apple, The Chester Swing dance society, Roary T Dragon, and your MC, Mr Rusty Mahone

We are pleased to announce that DARL are promoting a new series of Friday night club nights starting on Friday 29th January 2016.

Telfords has been one of Chester’s most popular venues for more than twenty years. We lead and others follow. The new nights presented by ‘Russell (Rusty Mahone) Mabbutt’ and his company promise to be something completely new in evening entertainment.

The nights are going to be subtle- no pounding music until after midnight, and interactive in a ‘join in if and when you like’ type way. There will be entertainment- not just a band, but a period of history will be recreated for the discerning customer. The first three nights are going to be visiting the American Speakeasy, The psychedelic 70’s, and the Wartime ENSA shows.

If you pop in for a drink, or a bite to eat we promise that on DARL nights there will be a sophisticated atmosphere, you will be able to talk to your friends, and there will be temptation too. The January night is going to be populated with enthusiastic 1930’s swing dancers who will both entertain and invite you to join in. You don’t have to.

People are encouraged to wear period 1930’s fashion. You don’t have to.

You will be able to buy 1930’s style cocktails. You don’t have to.

You will be able to buy vaping supplies- yes, we are having a vaping stall to help get the atmosphere just right.

The entertainment starts at 7.15 with a simple workshop on 1930’s swing dance. It’s free, but donations are welcome. The class will feature Emma Apple who is not only an excellent dancer but a great teacher.

From 8.30 Emma and the Chester Swing Dance Society will be providing us with both show dances and social dance too, all to an authentic ‘30’s soundtrack.

You don’t have to venture downstairs, the bar and the restaurant are open as normal, but if you do you will find furniture and artwork, available to buy if you wish courtesy of Becnicks. There will be a ‘Grand Cabaret’ act to close the evening- but, we will then party on into Saturday with a disco you will want to dance to.