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Listings for April 21st, 2016

APPEARING ON Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Daniel Champagne W/Alx Green [+]

Free entry


“Today I saw the future of Folk – Festival goers flocking in their thousands towards the main stage to witness the young musical phenomenon from Australia dish out an absolute show-stopper at the evening’ send.”
Firefly Column, USA

“Watching Daniel Champagne perform is a once in a lifetime experience. He is a true prodigy that plays like no one else could possibly play unless they spent at least two lifetimes studying the art.”
BW Review, New Zealand

“The superb talent of Daniel Champagne can’t be explained by mere words; it must be seen to be believed.”
FasterLouder, Australia

“There’s a reason Champagne has an amazing reputation as a live performer.”
Timber And Steel, Australia

‘Within the boundaries of Folk, Champagne is an expert’ Tone Deaf

‘Champagne has proven that he’s a talent you can’t possibly ignore. His live shows have drawn rapturous responses from all corners’ Rhythms Magazine

with alx green