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Listings for July 2nd, 2016

APPEARING ON Saturday, July 2nd, 2016

Shellsuit [+]

Free Before 9pm…£4 after

Full Size Front Cover


Shellsuit began  in the Granite  City  at  around  4:32am, when Lee  Scanlan drove  into  the Royal  Mail  Depot with the sound  of James Carr escaping from his car  window. A mutual  interest  in the soul singer brought him to  the attention of Ed Doherty  another  North West  of England  escapee  who  had  gone to Aberdeen , like Lee, to  find work on the Oil  Rigs  but ended  up working  for the Queens Mail

Back in  their  respective  homes  of Cheshire(Lee) and Liverpool ( Ed)  they  began to  collaborate on the tracks that were  to  form  the Lo-Fi  gem ‘Walton Prison  Blues’, released on Welsh Independant label Higuera Records  in 2009.

The LP  contained the outstanding  track –‘Postman’- which had brought  them to the attention  of Tom Robinson at  Radio 6  and ensured  a studio session  at BBC Broadcasting  House in 2008. Tom  called the song ‘my favourite new song’ of that  year.

He remains  a strong supporter

The  follow  up LP-Wednesday  Morning  Bootle Strand- was approached  differently. Using the proceeds  of the first LP, plus  gig  income  and Child  Tax Credit, the two  men  recorded the LP over a 4 year  period at  numerous  Studios around Liverpool (Parr St, The  Motor Museum, Elevator) to  create  a more muscular  pop  sound, framed by  Lee’s trademark  guitar licks  and Ed’s  observations of everyday  life  as  impacted upon  by class, finance, and  drugs.

The LP’s release in November  2014 saw  ecstatic local media  reviews and a distribution  deal  that  ensured  that  people  in Cornwall  and Carlisle were  suddenly getting it

Recent  TV appearances  on Bay TV  Liverpool  and Liverpool Live TV  were  cemented by a headline slot at  New Brighton’s  ‘Astral  Coast’ Festival.

Parochial  as the title of the LP  is, you  could substitute ‘ Exeter shopping  Precinct ‘ and  the impact  on the listener  would be the same- songs  that are beautifully  arranged, melodically  smart  and  say  something  to  you  about  your life.

Shellsuit  are not going  to  expect you  to  listen to  ten songs  about rejection from  a partner, they  know the world is alot more complicated  and enjoyable than that.

The band  have returned to  the studio  to work  with  producer Steve Powell, the hands  behind ‘Michael Head  and the Magical  World of the Strands’.

They  will continue to  perform the new LP  at  gigs  across  the UK.

People  still  want a soulful  voice  that  articulates life in the grip of big egos with small  compassion.

Shellsuit are that voice.