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Listings for July 23rd, 2016

APPEARING ON Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

King Lagoons Flying Swordfish Dance Band

King Lagoon 2

The Flying Swordfish are the royal band of a tropical island king, known as ‘Lagoon’ who inhabits a parallel dimension. The realm of King Lagoon hosts many diverse and exotic lands and small islands where the royal flotilla races and cruises to the sounds of the King’s favourite bands. This dimension is similar to ours but many things can work quite differently and unexpectedly.

A messenger from King Lagoon made contact with Rodrigo in 2010 to ask him to create a band…. Whether it was to simply open up interaction or for a more dramatic reason, the exact motive remains unknown.

The messenger is a small golden bird with 5 wings, iridescent plumage and large expressive eyes of a sort of extra-human depth. Appearing at a window, having to be released from the inside of a drum or coming out of a tap, a computer screen or a saxophone, the bird appears to Rodrigo – alone or at band rehearsals – to drop off little parcels of exotic flavoured treats. Rodrigo and the other Flying Swordfish eat these tasty delights, and as they taste the other-dimensional flavours, more becomes know to them about the realm of King Lagoon, as well as inspiring music and ideas for the performance. The full picture of this other realm is not know but here is some of what the golden bird has shared…

Sound is something that has a much greater effect on the surroundings and can have a strong effect on other senses, for example it can produce aromas! When music is played it can be as much an olfactory extravaganza as one of sound. In this dimension, the Smell Technician in The Flying Swordfish creates an equivalent experience.

When The Flying Swordfish play it is reflected and heard in King Lagoon’s realm. The way music sounds in the two dimensions has crossover points but is quite different so it will be an unusual and fascinating experience in this other dimension. The unusual musical forms of their other-dimensional counterparts influence some of the music of The Flying Swordfish. For example this can be heard in the 5/4 time signature song ‘One Leg‘.

…As the sky turns to a spectrum of many different glowing colours with the slow setting of the sun, the royal flotilla leaves the shimmering lagoons, dense, thriving jungles, golden beaches and rolling lemon-grass hills to fly up into the multi-coloured sky and into outer space to tune their instruments, capture reverbs in their effects pedals and ride comets round the universe.