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Listings for August 9th, 2016

APPEARING ON Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

The Brain Trainer [+]

Live Info Session on Training your Brain for Body LOVE



This is a live event to find out all the information about how TRAINING your BRAIN can impact on:

If you’ve
– tried every diet and still struggling
– have constant thoughts about food and your weight
– feel upset and deprived that you can’t eat ‘treats’ etc
– you find yourself in a binge eating cycle
– eat alone and when no-one can see you, feeling ashamed afterwards
– desperately wanting to succeed
– want REAL, effortless results
– youe know what you SHOULD be doing but just cant seem to get there. You’re stuck

Then you’ll want to sniff this out.
I will be sharing with you the techniques that I used to completely change my habits and behaviors and RELATIONSHIP with food.

Basically… I thought myself thin, happy, healthy.

You will be able to sign up to the programme on the night, there will be different options and also if you attend a reduction in the price of the programme.

I have already put a number of girls through this and they have CHANGED their thinking around food just in the first few days…

THEN it gets exciting, you get to see how from a new calm standpoint you eat differently, no guilt, no struggle, no ‘I should be eating this’ just calm, clear thinking. No more binge eating / emotional eating.

Its SO freeing and I have SO much to tell you.

This isn’t going to be a high pressured salesy event, more women coming together and being able to express their frustrations and hear first hand how they never need to ‘THINK’ about being on a diet again.

This is possible. It happened for me and now happening with my clients.

I’m here to help. This is so exciting!

Come be a part of a new way of thinking,
The Brain Trainer

(This event will be recorded and replayed for those who cannot make it. No one will be filmed without their consent, mostly the camera will be recording my presentation)

The course is limited in numbers due to the one to one coaching as part of the programme.