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Listings for October 27th, 2016

APPEARING ON Thursday, October 27th, 2016

The Flipside Takeover [+]

Free Entry


Schott’s List is once again hosting flipsideradio.org‘s monthly showcase at Telford’s Warehouse so come and listen to something a little bit different.

First up we have GUNNTHER to gently warm & nourish with sonic bliss soundscapes & noises you have never even heard before.

We’re massive fans of GUNNTHER at SchottHQ.

We had the pleasure of hosting the artist at Flipside last year for a session which you can check out here:


Our main act is a local garage psyche group called The Von Tripps, a collective gently seasoned with some of Chester’s best musicians so expect off the cuff improv and nice trippy instrumentals laced with dirty blues.

Check this out:


DJ support will come from HOUSE OF EDEN and we’ll be getting going at about 8pm.