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Listings for December 9th, 2016

APPEARING ON Friday, December 9th, 2016


Free Before 9pm, £4 Thereafter

cat scratch

Being a peculiar Liverpool cult band in the mid 1990s…..Featuring Paul Kappa as Dr. Hank B. Death….. a frock coated ,Colt Navy totin’ guitar player, ripping Country and Eastern apart, with his faithful pals Tox and Two-Gun Tennessee Slim

Cat Scratch Fever. A disease that you can catch. A cursory search of the web shows that Cat Scratch Fever is quite nasty, and that’s even before making reference to Ted Nugent.

Two ex members of Liverpool group ‘The Lawnmower’ Tony Doyle (The Accelerators, Simply Red, Bo Jelly) and D.A. Dolman ( The Moondogs, The Beach Bastards) asked Paul Kappa (The Blimey Brothers, The Cathedral, Candy Store Rock, Up and Running) in the late summer of 1992 if he would join with them in a musical appreciation of all things Sun Session. It was for a couple of gigs, and just for a kick. They played The Casablanca Club on Hope St. Liverpool and the reaction was so good they did it again and again and again, until in 1998, after more than 1800 gigs, Paul quit the band.

In those six years, they appeared at Glastonbury (1997) and Cropredy (1998), incidentally Paul’s last ever gig with the band. They appeared on MTV (big deal!) ITV, and Channel One cable!!! They were regulars with Mark Lamaar on his afternoon show on GLR, brodcast from Baker St. in London.

This line up of Cat Scratch Fever broke up in 1998, after what would be most pleasantly described as ‘personal differences’, or, put plainly that Dolman and Kappa didn’t like each other very much! Oh, the politics of making music. The two albums and off-shoot singles and EPs recorded were ‘Death Western’ and ‘The Big Bang!’

The first album ‘Death Western’ was begun in April 1994, and was recorded in Rick Rock’s ‘Wand Studios’ in a basement underneath a decrepit fish and chip shop, last decorated on VE day, and with fish stocks from the same era. Often the boys would eat their suppers there, warmed by undertable heating; surely one of the Seven Wonders of East Acton. Dolman and Doyle both contracted food poisoning and were forced to play the regular Wednesday gig in Guinans on Slater Street, Liverpool sitting down, and running to the toilet often.