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Listings for January 10th, 2017

APPEARING ON Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

The Draw Inn [+]

Free Entry


Drawing (no pun intended) on ideas based on events across the country such as Street Wars and Doodle-planet, ‘The Draw Inn ’ combines sketching, graffiti, painting and imagery with musical backdrops and social interaction.

Whether you are an experience penman, budding artist or want to try your hand at drawing then head on down to this special event and let your creativity run free. Art materials will be available on the night to hire but please feel free to bring along your own mediums. Art boards & paper will already be laid out upon arrival so you can get stuck right in. Doors open at 8pm with guest DJ’s playing a selection of the finest tracks spanning everything from Tom Waits to Dire Straits.

Before time is called artists will be encouraged to swap, sell, give away, or just show off their masterpieces. Barter with whatever you can, buy them a pint, sign a t-shirt or use good old fashioned cash, so long as both parties agree you could be walking away with your very own original artworks. The night will also be accompanied with an ‘The Draw Inn’ stall where you can buy a selection of postcards, greetings cards and signed prints by participating artists.

So be participant or spectator, art lover or critic don’t miss out on this creative social.