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Listings for February 4th, 2017

APPEARING ON Saturday, February 4th, 2017

Murder Murder & Tom Durkin [+]

Free admission before 9pm, £4 thereafter

Murder Murder is a Bloodgrass band (Bluegrass + Outlaw Country + Exclusively Murder Ballads) hailing from the frozen forests of the Ontario Northland. Their tales of death are filled with life by the kick of the suitcase, saw of the fiddle, and roll of the banjo.

As devoted fans of bluegrass, traditional music, and folk music, we were drawn to the murky ethical themes of the murder ballad form and to its enduring nature. Many of the earliest examples are the sole surviving records of victims of violent crimes. Oftentimes murder ballads capture the essence and atmosphere of a dark, lawless and violent frontier. Northern Ontario, although never romanticized in the way that the Wild West or the far north during the gold rush era were, was once such a place – with a wealth of stories and characters. The lack of mythology associated with Northern Ontario is troubling, and thus we felt it our responsibility to create our own mythology.


“The singers pour honey on brutality… fit to captivate any crowd in Canada” – Grayowl Point

“Brilliant high-spirited performance here, with dark and compelling twists and turns.”
-Jeff Liberty, Take Liberty on CBC New Brunswick

“By crafting their own fatal tunes, the boys of Murder Murder have taken this century-old tradition and added a unique mark on the contemporary Canadian folk community.” – quipmag.ca

“There’s a lot to love despite all the spilled blood.” -Grayowl Point

“Flipping a genre on its head has never been more subversive, or fun.” -Adam Carter, CBC Hamilton

“J’aime vraiment l’énergie du band, puisqu’il me fait penser à un groupe du Québec comme Canaille, avec un petit côté à la Hank III. Je sais que ce n’est pas très « core » pour le site, mais j’adore… Qu’est-ce que tu veux!” – Antonio Geraldo, feelcore.ca

“No doubt there will be other great albums and bands coming along this year, but it really doesn’t get any better than this.” – AmericanRootsUK.com