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Listings for January 20th, 2018

APPEARING ON Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Chemistry Lane

Free before 9pm…£4 after.

Free all night with a Student card or Telford’s membership.

 Chemistry Lane combine sophisticated and often complex musical arrangements without ever seeming laboured. Their sound evades definition, changing and building, then U-turning mid-track without warning, keeping the listener enthralled. They straddle the fine line between the intensity and momentum of a rock band, complete with snatched moments of genuine heart felt beauty, whilst instilling punchy electro samples and loops worthy of immense dancefloor delirium.

Fat bouncy tempos and driving basslines push tracks like Pitch Black into ever more heightened states of audio euphoria. With a nod to the high priestess of soul Nina Simone with the lyric ‘Black is the colour of my true love’s heart’, it’s a tune that drives itself forward with a passionate insistence, accompanied by breathless sultry vocals that ooze industrial undertones, as guitars shred and warp in rippling soundscapes that convulse and throb above infectious grooves. At just over nine minutes long it is a prime example of the epic ambition of this band’s focus, their mastery over their art, and their expansive collective vision.

Chemistry Lane are abundant with underground potential as they produce potent concoctions of high octane guitar riffs, dreamy electro soundscapes, shuddering electro-grunge vibes and insistent drum rhythms. Fusing genres, they shift effortlessly between progressive escalating ecstatics and pounding synth-pop explosions.


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