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Listings for June 16th, 2018

APPEARING ON Saturday, June 16th, 2018

Funkafonix [+]

Free before 9pm // £4 thereafter.

Free all night with a student card or Telford’s membership.

FUNKAFONIX, www.funkafonix.com
A very tight Powerfull band playing a wide range of all original
Funk, Northern Soul, FunkJazz, Gospel, AcidJazz, Groove and all out power funk that could pin you to the back wall.
This band has the capacity of all out seismic disruption that could change the sperm count of the first 4 rows,
Its band members have been very carefully picked and uses some of the best musician’s in the Northwest,
Chris Hogarth on bass and Jeff Walker on Drums both need no introduction, right away you can see where this is going !
jeff is one of the best drummers in the north west, drummers come to watch funkafonix just to catch this guy,s bang up to date
Tech and chops, Chris Hogarth on bass and vocals, widly regarded as Mr Funk and for very good reason ! from the first 10 seconds of playing you will feel why.
Graham Braid, Vocals, a long time funksmith from back in the day, there is no doubt graham was born to groove,
his lyrics are catchy and his phrasing is pure funk.
Dino loannidis, Keys, Chris Hogarth says “there is no better keyboard player
in the NW, he is like Rick wakeman on Crack”
this guy ownd a jazz club in greece and has played with the best of them,
well worth checking out.
Ted Reilly, guitar, a fusion jazz player at heart, you can catch his own critically acclaimed solo album for sale,
brings excitement and tight chops to the Fonix.
Gafro, Percussion, teacher at Lipa and plays all over the world, Gafro is a
master at his craft, and teamed up with jeff make a rhythm
section well worth coming to see just by themselves.
Brass section, Depending who is available, Rob Carus, Mark Lampkin,
Andy “Toot” Grif……., Neil Atherton, all great players who make up the
“The KickAss Horns”
all very well known on the NW live and teaching CCT, are tight, punchy and
in ya face.They are not called the “Kick Ass Horns” for nothing.
Wow… all that sounds pritty impressive, but can it be true?, all in one
band ? All boast ? Hype ? I would say check them out and make your own mind
But just in case…..bring your dancing shoes, your going to need them.