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Listings for September 22nd, 2018

APPEARING ON Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

Rock for Europe

Free entry before 9pm, £4 thereafter

Donations appreciated.

Come celebrate the music and culture of Europe at Telford’s Warehouse on the 22 September. We are having a Pro-EU music fest to support the People’s Vote and our EU Membership.

 Visit our gofundme page https://www.gofundme.com/rock-for-europe and make a donation to receive all day entry and various merchandise like an EU flag, badge and unique Rock for Europe t-shirt. This is a non-profit event.

There will be numerous bands, starting with craft stalls at 1 pm, and music acts starting at 2 pm until midnight – with an indoor stage and acoustic sets outside, along the canal, showcasing a great mix of music – rock, folk, blues, jazz, and an array of EU/UK bands representing the diverse cultures of the continent.

Performances by Trials of Cato, Zinney Sonnenberg, Jonathan Tarplee of the Blue Yellows, Kingfisher (of Time Bandits/Galleon Blast) Phil Hare and many more!

 We believe music can change the world, by opening people’s hearts and minds. It’s time to stand up and be heard – to start a revolution through music that will lead to a more inclusive society. The performing arts will be greatly affected by Brexit – costly visas, customs and special forms for instruments will make it very difficult to tour around Europe, which is a large part of their income. We are European and we wish to keep it that way. Being part of the EU allows us to travel, work, live and retire in 28 countries, with full rights of citizenship. The theme of our event is unity, cultural diversity, and shared European values of peace and democracy. Please donate to our gofundme page to help make this a great event.