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Contact Telford’s Warehouse


Telford’s Warehouse,
Tower Wharf,

General Enquiries

Telephone (01244) 390 090
Fax (01244) 370 071

Restaurant Information



An onsite car park is available to all patrons. Should our car park be full we advise all customers to use the 24h NCP car park located on Canal Street opposite our drive way entrance.

Please note that parking tickets are being issued to parked cars along our access road.
This is as a result of the current Tower Wharf development and has been authorised by developers CTP and landowners Canal Rivers Trust.
Telford’s Warehouse is not responsible for any of the fines issued and are currently in a dispute over the matter. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Gig Bookings & Event Enquiries

Jeremy Horrill

Tom Hyndman

Telephone (01244) 390 090

Email to  music@telfordswarehouse.com

Please bear in mind we receive a large amount of emails relating to gigs and events here at Telford’s and it is not always easy to reply immediately.

We have our own in house promotions team but are always willing to work with external promoters on a variety of events.

If you are a band or musician include the following info when possible:

*  Facebook / Youtube / Soundcloud

* Contact information

* Current biography

* Press photographs

* Where are you based?

* Expected audience numbers.

* Recent gigs.

We do our best to respond to your submissions, but this isn’t always feasible.  Give us a call after a couple of weeks if you haven’t heard from us.

Mailing List

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